Jobs In - South America's largest job seeker

Jobs In – South America’s largest job seeker

Today we are going to talk about a site that will be very useful to all our visitors from South America, more specifically from Latin America. It is a website specialized in the search for employment in some of the most important countries in the area such as Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador, to which it is intended to add more countries such as Venezuela or Uruguay. His name could not be clearer, we are talking about Jobs In.

Actually it is not a page of jobs in all the magnitude of the term, if not that it is actually a metasearch engine that facilitates and filters the search in the search engine, google.

The project is a reality thanks to Grupo Evolucin, which, as we have indicated before, continues to work on adding more countries and thus becoming the largest job seeker in the world, or at least in South America.

Its operation is simple, first we look for the country where we are interested in conducting the search and then we indicate one or more keywords of the job we want to find. Then a search is carried out in google analyzing the different offers that come close to our query, which saves us from searching from page to page and doing everything in a much more centralized way.

Source: Grupo Evolucin.