jobssy - To find a job anywhere in the world

jobssy – To find a job anywhere in the world

jobssy is a new project that allows us to find job offers geographically distributed around the world.

Using a recommendation engine and a series of algorithms, System Intelligence proposes to companies a selection of the best profiles for the vacant position.

Taking into account the previously established criteria, the intelligent system is able to offer the company a selection of candidates that perfectly suit its needs and will make an agent or virtual assistant available to companies to solve possible problems, guide and save time. in all his actions.

It can also offer candidates the ability to quickly find companies with offers tailored to their profile, or companies to self-nominate, based on information collected by the system.

Artificial Intelligence analyze the profiles and propose companies to work almost immediately. The system also aggregates and compares results from other employment Web-Sites, which provides a point of arrival to the network and really valuable information for candidates who will not have to visit a multitude of employment Web-sites to see the offers, since they are all on Jobssy.

With great integration in social networks, it encourages contact between candidates through Twitter, Linkedin, etc., obtaining immediate feedback on the market situation for the chosen position.

With offices in San Francisco and Madrid, they recruit professionals in any country, offering a job that can be done from home, without preferences for age, race, sex, education … all with the aim of creating a huge database of job offers that can help integrate more people into a modern and dynamic job market.

You can read more information, in Spanish, on its official blog.