joliprint - Transform web pages into PDF documents

joliprint – Transform web pages into PDF documents

The idea behind Joliprint it is not new, since sometimes we have needed have a printable version of any article online in which we have been interested for any reason. That is why JoliPrint, like many others, allow us to generate the same content but with a more consistent presentation to go through a printer, or even read on another device in a similar way. offline.

In the case of Joliprint, we must indicate the URL of the article in question, so that in a few seconds, it offers us the same content but in a PDF file that we will download, obtaining said content but with the Joliprint’s own visual format, more comfortable to read, and in full color, so if the article in which we are interested contains images, these will appear in color.

It also allows us to add buttons to our websites, and even provides us with a bookmarklet so that, when we are in front of any article, we obtain said content in a PDF file with the characteristics mentioned before.

Just because of the format of the content generated in the PDF, it can be an excellent option compared to other more limited options.

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