Jux - Collaboration platform to create websites

Jux – Collaboration platform to create websites

Jux is a collaborative platform where all users benefit from the contributions of others. A project that aims to help share your creations with other users, as well as learn new concepts and tricks on the web. To start using Jux we will have to go through a previous registration which does not require confirmation by email. Once we are connected, we can start designing our site, for this, we will fill in the different options such as the name that we will give to the project, the design and the structure. Once all the previous configurations have been made, it will only be necessary to start modifying the site to our liking, as well as starting to publish articles. To publish articles, we can use the right-side toolbar that, by dragging the different objects, will allow us to add from videos to photo galleries, through the modification of the headers or the button panel so that visiting users can send to their respective social accounts the article. On the other hand, through the top bar specifically in the Find Building Blocks button we can search for websites, designs, widgets and pages, in the case of websites we can see work done by other users if we like them we can export said site to our work panel to edit it in our own way and do another similar project. Drawing conclusions from Jux, we can say that it is an excellent collaboration platform in which you can get really surprising ideas thanks to the help it provides to the community and the possibility of editing other works in a safe way since it mainly uses Open Source licenses and Creative Commons.