nuevo line keep

«Keep», a new LINE option to save content received in chats

Keep is the name of the new tool that LINE has implemented, a popular cross-platform multimedia messaging application, to allow save messages, images, documents and other multimedia content received within the chats.

Is about a storage service available within LINE to allow to save for later all kinds of received content (contact data, specific tasks, ideas, indications, work documents, etc.) being facilitated its management through a centralized panel organized by file types.

To use Keep, who by the way is already present in the latest version of LINE for iOS and soon in its pair for Android as well, just press on the message or file under consideration and then choose the respective option to execute the save . Sure, to the virtual hard disk, it is possible to share with other users what was saved in Keep directly within the chats.

By the way, the button to access Keep is presented in the profile view. As for the limits, they point out that there is 1 GB of available storage, however, files that exceed 50 Mb will only be kept for 30 days. Other features added to the latest versions of the Line app include being able to save status messages also within Keep, and on iPhone exclusively, moving within the panel of stickers horizontally and vertically.

More information: Official Line blog