Kiba, camera that gets the best moments and automatically edits them

Kiba is presented as a camera designed to capture the best moments of the day, where you can also make audiovisual edits called collages with transitions, effects and audio tracks automatically using images and short video clips that you have previously captured.

The idea is to obtain and store only the best moments, for which, Kiba has its own classification algorithm to keep just up to 20 seconds of video recording of each moment. All moments are automatically organized across collections, and users can optionally make use of the cloud service to be able to store their moments there as well.Kiba has three modes: times of the day, scheduled events and voice command mode, where users can indicate via Kiba voice, record to make video recordings of 30 seconds duration or Kiba, selfie to make an automatic capture obtaining an image 13 MP.

With a different design and available in four colors to choose from, the website is accepting pre-orders at a slightly lower price, at $ 199, than the price that will finally be available on the market. Shipments will start in June.

It is, therefore, a new camera device that automates a series of aspects so that users limit themselves only to obtaining the best moments they have lived without the need for filtering or editing, which is already in charge of the camera itself.