Kuku, new option to publish on several social networks at the same time

With a philosophy very similar to that of the famous Buffer, offers an alternative that we can use to publish and program content on different social networks.

Currently available in beta mode, it allows registration with the Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account, although once done we can connect other social networks, as you can see in the screenshot above. At the moment it is not possible to connect with Google Plus or Pinterest, but it will be soon, according to reports.

In addition to publishing simultaneously, we can specify the best times to schedule each content, always with the possibility of including multimedia content and moderating what is published on each network.

The statistics module is not ready yet, but they are working on it, just like a module to recommend content in case we lack inspiration.

Although they have not yet defined a pricing plan, they comment that those who register now will have a free account forever, so if you do not want to pay for other options, here is a candidate who can have a great future.

Unfortunately the interface is not in Spanish, but we hope that it is only a problem that will be solved soon.