Larry Page ceases to be CEO of Google to create another company: Alphabet

Alphabet It is the name of the company that Larry Page, founder and CEO of Google has just announced on his blog, a company to control them all, since in reality it is a set of companies of which Google is the largest of all.

Larry Page comes out of the position of CEO of Google to be CEO of Alphabet, where Sergey Bin to be president. The famous Sundar Pichai hold the position of CEO at Google.

What is Alphabet?

Inheriting the original philosophy of Google, Alphabet wants to be a different company, created to change the world. It is made up of other companies that we have talked about on several occasions, such as Life Sciences (with projects related to contact lenses that detect glucose levels), the experimental laboratory (X) or Calico (focused on lengthening the life expectancy of the population).

In this way they aim to have better management, controlling projects independently, with a different CEO directing each business and Larry and Sergey leading everything (allocating capital, for example). They want to have a CEO for each business, and offer independent financial results.

On the website of the new company,, there is not much information at the moment, practically the one you see in the screenshot above, with a section for investors that makes it clear that one of the main ideas is to be able to make business results independent .

We will be attentive to the evolution of this new project, and of all those who are born from there.