Launched TVibes, new app to share videos to specific people and circles

TVibes is a new mobile platform specialized in the segmentation of videos to share, that is, video creators will be able to select those circles of people and / or individual people to whom they want to give access to each of their videos.

In this way, the same user can share a specific video only with their friends, such as a party where they have recently been together, or they can share a video publicly so that anyone who wants to can access it, such as a video of a specific landscape, among other possibilities. To do this, keep in mind that the application offers four specific circles: soul mates, family, friends, and everyone.

In addition, TVibes also serves as a video discovery platform, so that users can track other users, as well as posts that are made in specific places and hshtags as channels to which they can subscribe, in order to When there is new content published in some of them, they will receive a notification. TVibes does not have restrictions regarding the duration or quality of the videos, and allows both recording from the application itself and the location of videos available on the mobile terminals themselves.

In this sense, TVibes is currently available only for the iOS platform, compatible with devices from iOS 8.0 onwards, although the corresponding version is being developed for the Android platform. In summary, despite the multiple existing applications to share videos through mobile devices, what sets TVibes apart is the possibility of sharing the videos to specific users for each case.