Guía ASO 2020

Learn how to position your app in the app stores

Positioning yourself on the Internet is a task that may seem complex if you have not familiarized yourself with it before. However, if you receive some guidance you can easily take your first steps.

Just as there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to position a website in search engines, there is also ASO (App Store Optimization), a technique that seeks a similar goal, but with application stores.

For someone who is just starting out or who is totally oblivious to the subject, those necessary introductory guidelines can be received from Pickaso, an agency dedicated to this activity that recently published its ASO 2020 Guide, which presents a series of strategies to improve the visibility of mobile games and applications in popular stores such as the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

The importance behind the positioning of an app

Every day there are more apps available for download in the app stores, especially those of Apple and Google, considered the most widely used today. For users in general, this is synonymous with a greater content offer, but for those who are behind the development of an app, this constitutes one more challenge.

Therefore, Marketing strategies are one more element in the roadmap of a developing application, to guarantee its success at the level of massive knowledge, which ideally should be reflected in its number of downloads.

In this context, the ASO offers valuable strategies to approach this objective, using its own resources from the operation of the application stores.

The application of ASO techniques in the diffusion of an app should be reflected in the possibility that it appears better positioned among the results of a search and even, highlighted in some section of the store, such as on the cover or among related apps of another search.

What can you learn with this guide?

The ASO 2020 manual prepared by Pickaso takes a tour of the main news and trends in the area for this year, also reviewing the fundamental elements that must be mastered to optimize the positioning of an app.

With this guide you can learn about the importance of the metadata of an app, the influence of keywords in an ASO strategy, the traffic sources of an app, its visual aids, the ratings and reviews received from its users, among other relevant elements.

The document is divided into nine chapters that in total do not exceed 100 pages.

The guide can be found for download in PDF format from the Pickaso website and can also be consulted through SlideShare.

Every day it is easier to create a mobile application. Without going too far, today we can access tools that allow them to be developed without mastering advanced programming knowledge.

Despite that, these facilities do not complete the process completely, since the next task in the publishing process is to correctly position the created application, so that it is more visible through searches and, therefore, more accessible for download .

There are alternatives such as advertising through external channels, which can generate positive results. However, the application of an appropriate ASO strategy may be the key to giving the app greater and better exposure in its main distribution channel: the application stores.