Lemonpay, an app to make payments securely on the Internet

One of the problems found in the apps and websites of buying and selling second-hand objects comes at the time of payment. Paying before receiving the item does not seem to be a good idea, since we are not talking about a well-known store and an individual for whom we have practically no reference, and paying afterwards is something that many sellers do not accept.

What Lemonpay intends is to offer a solution that helps both parties, saving the money from the transaction to make it effective only when the buyer and seller accept it, with sufficient guarantees to give the necessary tranquility in these operations.

In exchange for a lower commission than Paypal, Lemonpay offers three tools to prevent fraud:

Escrow or warranty deposit payments: The buyer places the money in a secure LemonPay bank deposit, which does not send it to the seller until it is confirmed that the product is exactly what was expected.

Transport: The items are shipped through SEUR within the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, speeding up delivery and preventing the object from being lost on the way.

Returns : It is possible to return the product within 48 hours after delivery, and LemonPay bears the cost of the return, so if it is a mobile, for example, and has problems with the battery (something difficult to detect at first glance) We will have time to return it without fear.

The app is not new, it was born in April 2016 and had 10,000 downloads in the first months. In December they launched their second version, and now they want to reach 100,000 users before the second quarter of 2017. They already closed a financing round of 300,000, so now they will have to work on disclosure and security, this second element being the most requested on this type of platform.