LendMe, application to share and increase collaborative consumption

We continue to see how applications that seek to increase the use of collaborative consumption and propose a more sustainable buy-sell (or in this case, exchange) model reach our Stores.

LendMe is a free application for iOS that has been in the AppStore for a few weeks, a tool that will allow us to offer objects that we can lend to others while we can access the objects that we need to leave us. Not only can we do this on an individual level, companies, associations or cooperatives can also benefit from this exchange by asking for what they need and offering what they can: objects, services, spaces, rooms, etc., all accompanied by an announcement that will describe where offers and above all what is offered, with photography included and user profile with their data. Everything offered is classified into categories in case we are looking for something specific, such as musical instruments, objects of image and sound or DIY.

The platform has a multitude of additional services that make it easier for us to search for services, control loans or communicate with other users, such as geo-targeted ads, calendar to track what we leave, message service within it Reading me.

You can download it from the AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at this link.