(Foto: Lexus)

Lexus Flying Skateboard No One Will Use Coming August 5

A new Lexus video (above) shows the final release date for the flying skateboard that so many hoped to see later Marty McFly enjoy in the movie Back to the Future in the 1980s.

Time has passed and we have never seen an idea that manages to make us fly on the asphalt, which is why the Lexus project, presented in June this year, had so much impact in the media.

One week after the presentation, it was disclosed that it would only work on prepared surfaces, since the technique uses superconductors, playing with magnetic repulsion, making its massive distribution on the market unfeasible (unless large prepared surfaces are built in thousands of cities in the world, something economically unviable).

(Photo: Lexus)

In the video it shows that on August 5 the device will be put on sale, as reported in El Patn, a means that discovered where the track used in these videos is: in the province of Barcelona.

A lot of marketing, a lot of expectation, a lot of teaser trailer … but it seems that it is not long to see how it works in reality, even if it is only on one track.

Update – A video showing its operation has already been published, here is:

And here is how it was done: