Librofilia - Sharing the love of books

Librofilia – Sharing the love of books

Librofilia is a social network that focuses on literary recommendations. It has been fighting since 2008 and now it is being renewed to adapt to new times. An interface where Ajax fluidity predominates and a more focused approach on sharing our literary tastes. It’s a great social database of books, IMDB-style for movies. Data sheets for each book, author bibliographies, book reviews and critiques … readings are also managed with lists, many already predefined such as Books that I have lent, Books that have let me down, etc. You can also rate the books with a score, annotate content and receive recommendations from the books read. When a user adds a new book, it needs the approval of 15 other users for that tab to appear on the page. This ensures the accuracy and relevance of the new content. A karma-based system is also used to prioritize user input. Karma is calculated based on sending books, reviews, completing files, connection time, etc. each. Although it has just been released, its new look and functionalities will still evolve more until it reaches its final version as many things that its development team is preparing, especially a better integration with Facebook. From the previous version, the forums that are still supported but from the Facebook page of the site have been eliminated. A service that is reborn and that has found a new and promising path.