Lightbeam, Firefox add-on to know the different elements of visited websites

Usually, when we access a certain website, we interact with its own elements and those of third parties. To know these elements and to establish a control over them, through the Mozilla Foundation there is a Firefox add-on called Lightbeam, which will allow users to view the indicated interactions through two interactive graphic representations: Graph and List.

According to the explanations established in the About section, the Graph graphical representation is the one that comes by default and allows the user to see in real time each site that he visits and all the requests of third parties made from his own browser. In addition, from this graphical representation mode, there are filters that allow you to see more types of data quickly. And as for the List representation mode, it offers other options to further examine the sites individually, to which the possibility of blocking sites that want to establish connections with the browser itself, see what is most interesting and hide what they don't want to visualize.

To put it another way, Lightbeam wants to help users to have more transparency in their browsing experience by offering them the information they need about the connections made from their browser to the different elements available on each website they visit, both their own as third parties.

Users can collaborate on the Lightbeam database to provide a broad view of the tracking on the Internet in order to see the relationships between websites and those elements of third parties that are incorporated.