Lightbox - Android application to take photos with digital effects and share

Lightbox – Android application to take photos with digital effects and share

We do not know whether to be a passenger or has come to stay. We talk about the applications for mobile devices that allow us to take photos and apply effects to them, sharing the results in our user accounts and on other social networks. That is, in short, the function of Lightbox, a new application for Android, in private beta phase, that allows us to take pictures and apply effects, publishing the results on our page, which will be of type The creation of user accounts will be done from the mobile device where it is installed, being able later to link other accounts of networks and social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or even FourSquare, to share the results optionally. Lightbox can be installed on several devices using the same user account, so that whatever is done on each device is synchronized with the Lightbox account, which in practice allows us to have it on our mobile and on our tablet. I have just received the invitation to try Lightbox and the truth is that it still has a long way to go, both in the user interface and in the stability of the application, which in fact has crashed on more than one occasion, using Android 2.1 on my terminal. Then, in the web application, our images can be shown, unless we expressly mark them so that they are not listed, and in them, users can comment on the photos. Likewise, this web interface should be improved and the social functions expanded. Anyway, it is one more option within the range of programs to take images and apply effects, which in this case has started with the Android platform.