- Online dictionary that translates the context of sentences – Online dictionary that translates the context of sentences

A few days ago Francisco Mondaca presented us his project an online translator that does special emphasis on the context and quality of the sentences and not only in the specific meaning of each word, as most translators on the market do.

The focus of Linguee it’s different: every entry in your database has been translated by humans. Currently, there is no viable technical alternative to replace a translator and if you don’t have one at your fingertips, there is Linguee.

The operation of this tool is the usual for any search engine, just enter the phrase we want to translate and wait for it to return a series of text fragments in which our sentence appears, along with its translated version.

The grace of this tool lies in the fact that the texts are extracted from bilingual websites, so all of them have been translated by people and not by machines, thus ensuring a consistent translation in any context.

Currently the website supports direct translations from Spanish to English and also from English to: German, Portuguese or French, although in the future, as indicated, they hope to expand to Chinese and Japanese as well.

A truly ambitious project, which we hope will continue to have a favorable evolution in the future.