linguee - New version of the world's largest bilingual dictionary

linguee – New version of the world’s largest bilingual dictionary

They present us now the new Linguee, an online translation service that makes five new services available to the public in: Argentina (, Chile (, Colombia (, Mexico (www. and Per ( The new version includes the following new features:

– The editorial dictionary has a more important role: its results are better organized. – Dynamic presentation of search results: moving the mouse cursor over an entry shows the examples associated with it in real time. – The translation Accurate in the right context: Linguee searches millions of translations providing a clear presentation of the entries and their examples, so that the user can choose the most appropriate one.

It is important to remember that Linguee is not an automatic translator, consisting of an editorial dictionary and a translation search engine whose database has more than 100 million translations, which other people have previously translated. For Windows, Linguee offers a plug-in that allows you to search directly in your database from Internet Explorer or Firefox. For Mac it has a plug-in for Spotlight and Firefox, as well as a widget for the Dashboard.