LinkCloud - an interesting different social bookmark

LinkCloud – an interesting different social bookmark

Despite being a type of service that is not widely used by Internet users, at least by most users, we continue to find social bookmarks as interesting as the one we now have: LinkCloud. LinkCloud is not the typical sober and not very visual social bookmark but quite the opposite, its concept differs a lot, and in addition, it also enters through the eyes. The users that we register, we will start by creating clouds, which can be private or public access, protected or not by passwords, where in addition we can receive contributions from other users by adding links. These clouds, among other aspects, will house the logos or images that we have indicated when adding their respective websites, representing them, and that we can modify and resize, and in addition, said clouds will carry a background that we indicate, either of between the predefined ones or others that we upload, which will allow us to differentiate them. Each of the webs that we have in our clouds, by means of their corresponding images, depending on their configurations, when we place ourselves on them it will allow us to carry out searches or access the headlines if they have RSS channels, or both if we have them. active. In addition, we can add them to our LinkStreams or delete them by dragging them to the garbage icon that will appear when we move it. We also have bookmarklet, button for importing bookmarks and extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome. The thing is not left here, since we can create our own network of friends, with whom we can share our links and clouds, in addition to establishing private messages. We will find all the options from the menu button, which divides it into four options, that if we place ourselves in some of them, we get their sub-options. It certainly deserves a look.