LinkedIn already allows you to integrate YouTube videos

LinkedIn already allows you to integrate YouTube videos

While Twitter increasingly allows to integrate more types of files in its content (remember that recently they began to integrate slideshare presentations and that there are extensions that increase the possibilities in a practically unlimited way), LinkedIn is now beginning to wake up in this type of activity.

A couple of days ago they presented the possibility of viewing YouTube videos directly from their platform, without having to leave LinkedIn to be able to enjoy the material.

Although it seems something without much importance, keeping the user within the social network for something as simple as watching a video shared by a contact is essential to be able to increase the integration between service and user. The moment a user leaves LinkedIn to watch a video, they risk losing their attention to material they may find offsite, at the risk of logging out and losing the opportunity to continue their daily networking.

In a platform as professional as LinkedIn they have to run to allow integrating the maximum number of files possible, since our contacts can find material of the most diverse categories to share with us.

We will stay tuned on the LinkedIn blog to analyze its growth during this decisive year 2011.