LinkedIn begins to open its content publishing platform to new markets and languages

Today, LinkedIn opens the doors of its publishing platform to content in Portuguese, according to the company in its statement.

In this way, this platform will now allow anyone who wants to become an influencer to publish content on a wide variety of topics in Portugal, where they can contribute their experiences, knowledge, ideas and anything else they want to contribute that allows them to increase their exposure to ideas. like-minded professionals, develop your brand and drive real results both inside and outside of LinkedIn.

In addition, the opening of its publishing platform to other languages ​​will also reach German and French in the coming months. Emphasize that the publishing platform has been available for years, only in English, although it has been in 2012 when it has received greater relevance due to invitations received by renowned businessmen and public figures to write their own content through their Influencers program. .

In addition, in the past year, it has been available to any member in the United States, and in the past month of January, the platform has expanded to other English-speaking countries.

Regarding the Portuguese language, LinkedIn points out that it has allowed early access to some of its members in Brazil in the last few weeks, thereby allowing it to now target a new and potential public both in Brazil, where there are almost 22 million members, as in any other part of the world where Portuguese is spoken.