Links for Biology Students and Teachers

Since the other day I mentioned some tools on the web that can help you learn and teach mathematical concepts, today I am going to comment on some useful links for those who study biology.

biologyinmotion.com – Animations that show some concepts in an original and entertaining way. Although the web looks quite old, the content is worth it.

eol.org – The well-known and excellent encyclopedia of life, with thousands of classified and perfectly documented animal species.

Learn Genetics – For Genetics students and professionals.

darwin-online.org.uk – all the documented works of Darwin. A website that deserves a new design for a long time.

johnkyrk.com – Cell biology animations, available in Spanish. There is also material of this type on cellsalive.com.

visiblebody.com – Impressive facts about the anatomy of the human body.

Tree of Life – To know the biological diversity on our planet.

arkive.org – Impressive images about life on our planet.

biologycorner.com – With good material to prepare classes.

There is much more interesting content on sites like the BBC or at biology4kids.com. If you know of any other resource that cannot be overlooked on this list, I invite you to comment on it right here.