Links presented at the CLED 2010 Open Educational Resources Contest

Within the framework of the I Virtual Congress and II Online Conference on Free Knowledge and Education (CLED 2010), the OER contest was developed, with the objectives of:

* Familiarize ourselves with the concept of OER * Share the experience of creating and publishing OER * Assess the possibilities of Reuse of OER * Assess the use of Creative Commons Licenses associated with the creation of OER * Differentiate the different types of OER * Assess use of OER as support for teaching work. * Value the concept of OER within the world of Free Knowledge.

After the evaluation of the 52 resources registered by the 13 jurors through the double blind evaluation, the winners were:In the institutional OER category:

– Pronunciation of English contractions by Leonardo Montenegro in Online Learning. – Attention deficit course: hyperactivity. of Masters without borders.‚Äď Analyzing the microstructure of a refractory material by Leonardo Montenegro in Aprendemas on line.

In the individual REAs category:

– Student spokesperson for Lola Rincn.‚Äď Virtual Laboratory of General Physics I by Miguel Oswaldo Jimnez.‚Äď The discovery of America by Carlos Fernando Vilchez.‚Äď Video with Mendel’s Laws by Pedro Certad.‚Äď Venezuelan Association for Teaching and Learning of Languages ‚Äč‚ÄčMediated by (the) Computer by Miguel Mendoza.‚Äď Blog dedicated to supporting the courses of English I, II, III and IV of Miguel Mendoza’s EBA-FHE-UCV.‚Äď What is Global Economy? by Ingrid Garca.‚Äď Guides, resources and games to learn about the Internet by Gabriel Francs.‚Äď Educational guidelines in the family: Education, values ‚Äč‚Äčand AD / HD by Ana Licona.‚Äď Animation: La Perseverancia by Marco Antonio Corcuera.

Here we leave you with the complete list of participating resources.