Links to fuel inspiration for writers and bloggers

Bloggers meet more times than we would like, without ideas to write, especially those who are really in the line of showing that they are artists and are in their moment of professionalization. They need to practice, practice and practice.

Let’s see some links that can help us to be better and better at the art of writing:

Writing Prompt Generator is a idea generating tool so that we can develop our texts and articles; giving the button to suggest what to write about, many of these suggestions can be quite strange but hey, it is already known that fiction is much more interesting (usually) than the ordinary.

Creative Portal is a site made anew for and by bloggers and anyone who considers himself creative. Divided in creativity and innovation, art and drawing, literature and notes, creativity training and authors, it is easy to navigate among its many articles, idea generators, links and more; come on, as the name of the place says: creative portal, it is the ideal place to find inspiration and learn.

In The interactive house of writing notes we have a website for teachers, students and writers. Here we will find a lot of useful information to continue advancing in our quest to learn about literature and be able to become great writers. Contributions from both professional and apprentice users, reading recommendations, ideas of how to generate ideas. Its very well structured index guides us through its internal pages. Nothing is missing for the literary madmen.

Finally I leave you with The story begins. We all know that the first sentence that gives rise to the rest of the story can turn out to be a mission impossible for a writer. The first sentence, the one that gets choked on us and there is no way that any muse can help us find inspiration. The Story Starter is the application that help not get blocked but, let’s take good note, because also the youngest have their own particular first sentence generator and it will help them with the mission of finding the perfect phrase for your story. In addition, they can send the text they have managed to write with the exact phrase and be published on the web. The Story Starter Jr.