litpen, an original way to create mind maps

In WWWhatsnew we are used to indicating tools that help us organize our ideas, in fact there is a category called mind maps in which we have included dozens of resources of this type. Today we are going to expand the list with

It is a web application that allows us to create and join hexagons with ideas inside, helping to join them and search for relationships between them.

The result is a fairly intuitive diagram that can be shared and exported, with an option to save it in text format, in case we want to take advantage of the content to import it on another platform.

As we create the hexagons, designing our panel, we can change their colors to identify levels, being useful, for example, to graphically represent functionalities of a software, or a list of sequential concepts that must be carried out.

The application only has a web version, it was created in 2013 as an aid to take notes in class and create to-do lists, although due to its format (each edge can be joined with another complete hexagon that, at the same time, can be associated with five ideas ms) is ideal as a tool for creating mind maps.

We can move the map with the mouse, as well as zoom to the prezi, making it an interesting way to make a presentation with a different format.