Lrn, an app for iOS with which to learn to program in Javascript

Currently there are many platforms to learn to program in different languages, and in WWWhatsnew we have offered you numerous examples of this in recent years. This time we expanded the list with Lrn, an app for iOS devices with which learn the basics of Javascript programming from your iPhone or iPad.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that although we are dealing with a free application, it is necessary to pay in order to access the different lessons. The complete course consists of seven lessons and Lrn offers us the possibility of acquiring each lesson for 0.99 or the complete course for 2.99, making it quite affordable. Even so, the application allows you to complete a series of free tutorials that will allow us to find out if the course may be of interest to you. In general, the approach of the Lrn is quite interesting, and that is that Being based on small interactive questionnaires, the learning process is much more enjoyable. Throughout the course we will be able to acquire an interesting base in Javascript (variables, functions, conditionals, loops, etc.), so we are facing a really interesting application for all those who want to learn to program. In addition, another characteristic to highlight is the possibility of accessing the course at any time and place, since all the content is accessible without an Internet connection.

You can download Lrn through the App Store. As for Android users, those responsible for the app are working on a version for Google's mobile device operating system.