Macroglossa - searching the content of an image by comparing it with others

Macroglossa – searching the content of an image by comparing it with others

The good thing about the existence of thematic search engines is that they encourage competition, and therefore, they benefit us users. And one of these thematic search engines that is in full development is Macroglossa, a search engine that help us find out the contents of images through comparisons with other images, and which is currently in its alpha 2.0 stage.

To do this, we must tell Macroglossa the image of which we want to know its contents by uploading it from our local system, choose a category from those available (animals, biology, panoramic and artistic), write the annoying captcha and wait a long time while it processes the image and shows us similar results with the than to compare our own image. Once we have the list of images, we can take our original image and move it around the page to go comparing it with each of the listed images, which we can expand, obtain the EXIF ‚Äč‚Äčdata if available, and even access their original websites to obtain more information, especially when we consider that it is the same or similar object to the one we have uploaded.

In advanced editing it allows us to limit our image to a specific area, in such a way that we eliminate superfluous information that can annoy us when having a relationship of images.

According to its operation, it is obviously an alpha that still has a long way to go, from the improvement of its search engine, support for more categories, and above all, it needs a better visual style according to the times we live in. without the annoying captcha. Anyway, it is an option to keep in mind that sooner or later some large companies could have their eye on it.