Mahara - Create a social network for your school

Mahara – Create a social network for your school

Although Mahara can be used in any institution that intends to communicate to its members by allowing the publication of texts and images, its focus for the academic world is tremendously strong.

It is an open source solution that allows the rapid publication of portfolios, curricula and blogs, being ideal for groups of students publishing the results of their academic work. Discussion forums can be set up and various layouts installed to customize their appearance.

We have an online demo, as well as videos and a slideshow to learn more about the project.

The objective is to be able to have a multimedia portfolio in the way we want and share it with the people who should see it. We can create project portfolios together with others and use the discussion forums to talk about the work.

It is possible to configure our Mahara site as an administrator to adapt it to the specific needs of our institution, and access it from any device thanks to the Mahara Mobile function

At any time we can use Mahara together with another learning management system and other services through web services, and use it both with a few students and with several institutions with thousands of users in a single site.