Mail Marketing and the acquisition of Leads

Mail Marketing and the acquisition of Leads

When we decide to launch an online marketing campaign we have various means to publicize our brand, product, news, etc.

We want to dedicate this article to one of the most important actions, the email marketing, and more specifically the user recruitment through it.

The first thing we have to take into account is the objective that we are going to set for our strategy:

– Obtain qualified traffic, leads, sales, etc.

– Loyalty to our clients.

– Improve the image of our brand.

If we decide to capture the user by our own means we have to know if we have enabled a registration form on our website, if to download information or a demo in exchange they have to fill out a form, or if we can launch a contest or raffle in exchange for the registration data.

But how can we capture records through external means?

To develop your own database of potential clients there are several tools and techniques. If we do it through external distribution lists, these would be the main 4:

1) Co-registrations: The user registers in several sites at the same time, but choosing in which of them he wants to transfer his data.

2) Co-sponsorship: Several sponsors the same campaign, the user gives permission to transfer their data to the different sponsors of the campaign with a single click.

3) Exclusive email marketing. An exclusive campaign for a single advertiser.

4) Display: Banner campaigns on related sites.

Here are some examples of companies that have databases to carry out email marketing campaigns, whether they are their own or affiliated networks such as:

– CanalMail– Antevenio– Emailing Network

The model used for capturing records through Email Marketing is the Cost per Lead (CPL). The calculation of this cost will depend on many variables, among other factors: the number of fields on the form, the geographic and demographic segmentation of our target audience, the brand, the product or the offer or added value that we give to the potential user.

Written by Albert Martnez Gallego, CEO of the agency & marketing and advertising consultancy On-line Sekuenz (visit website)