Mailme, an original proposal to have a personalized email

With millions of people using Gmail, Outlook and other popular email systems, it is difficult to have a decent email that is easy to remember. It is common to see that, during registration, addresses such as soycontador_1234 @ gmail, something as unattractive as it is professional.

Mailme's objective is to create a service that allows the hiring of email accounts like the one you see in the image above. All of them end with .email, and before that word dozens of options can be chosen from various categories, both in Spanish and in English.

As you can see, we only have to choose our name, profession, surname or place, and let the system create the email account, linked to the one we currently use, so we will not have to change our email client.

They already have 100 custom domains, with dozens of professions available. Once the account is created, we only have to indicate the place to which it is necessary to send the emails we receive, without worrying about the technical part. The destination of emails can be changed easily thanks to a control panel open to each user, so there is no need to worry about that point

Mailme costs $ 9.99 a year, and they are already working on more comprehensive services that allow you to create more than just an alias. You can enjoy a 50% discount during the first year using the coupon WWWHATSNEW.