Mapstr, to save and organize favorite places on the map, comes to version 1.0

Months ago we talked about Mapstr, a mobile application available only for the iOS platform and intended to be a place where users can mark and organize their favorite places on the map.

Now Mapstr comes to version 1.0 with a series of additional features that make it social and multi-device. And is that now, users can have their own user accounts and save their favorite places in the service itself instead of the mobile device itself. This makes it possible for users to access their favorite places on other different devices.

In addition, with this, users can also have their networks of friends and access to see their favorite places, which they can also add to their own maps. In case users want to add favorite places but they are not visible to their friends, they will also have the possibility to add places privately. The availability of a new widget together with highlighting favorite places on the map

Mapstr now has a Today view widget, so with its closest saved favorite places are other new features in the new version. From now on, users will be able to see new features through the premium options and through in-app purchases.

Mapstr is already available in the Apple App Store for free for iOS devices from version 7.0 onwards.