Markbook, a new tool with which to save content to read later

Currently there are different tools with which to save content to read later. At WWWhatsnew we have already talked about numerous alternatives before, and this time we talked about Markbook, an option that could be of interest to regular users of this type of software.

Once we have installed the free extension for Google Chrome on our computer, Markbook will allow us to collect articles on the project website to read later from Twitter, Product Hunt, HackerNews, Github and Medium. Although it is only compatible with these platforms, one of the main advantages and peculiarities for which Markbook stands out is that it is not necessary to provide the login data of our accounts in the aforementioned services. Thanks to this, nothing else to install the extension will be ready to be used. In general, the operation of Markbook is really simple: you just have to bookmark a tweet or recommend an article on Medium to save the content to your Markbook account. In addition, the tool we are talking about also has other interesting features, such as the integrated search engine or the possibility of creating collections of articles in a simple way. To use Markbook it is necessary to log in with our Twitter account. Without a doubt, we are facing a useful alternative for all those regular users of the supported services.

You can download Markbook completely free of charge through the Chrome Web Store. As we have been able to read on the official website of the project, the person in charge of Markbook is working on a version of the extension for Safari. Next, we leave you with a video that shows the operation of the extension:

Link: Markbook | Google Chrome extension.