Marketing +1, towards social integration

Marketing +1, towards social integration

That the arrival of Google+ has been a revolution for all of us who, in one way or another, build a network with each of our actions, we cannot deny it. Nor can we deny that the staging of the cycle of social relevance has supposed a superlative modification of all our social routines designed to build a reputation based on quality and commitment, as well as the efficient use of available tools.

The little we know …

The arrival of the circles to our current ecosystem places us before the certainty that the network still has many actions with which to take another step towards permanent connectivity, active presence and exposure as an indisputable builder of reputations in short, It is the new gateway to the new social order. Little do we know. It is a reality that we are all learning in a self-taught way looking for a relevant exposure, that is why, whether we are a consolidated brand and we seek to increase our investments in social networks with the aim of improving our business figures or if on the contrary we are SMEs, entrepreneurs or microentrepreneurs, the figure of community managers acquires a superlative relevance, specifically at the time that Google +, who is consolidated as a social integrator on the network, completes the social circle with company accounts. Relevant profiles through The exposure of which the brand is gaining relevance and achieving ad-hoc results with its efforts, something that there is no doubt, will involve a cycle of new learning and new actions by community managers.

Google + and the new community managers

Social media are in themselves the opportunity to interact with brands in order to establish alliances, with groups of potential clients and with the network as a whole, but we cannot forget that community managers are the visible face of the brand. and that within its multiple functions include: Social strategies Analysis of metrics Customer service Content management All of them place us before a new horizon, a new scenario, in which the new professions derived from the emergence of social media, do nothing but highlight the long road in terms of connectivity, interaction, quality and commitment, that we still have to travel in this new social order in which Google stands as the big brother who decides who, how and when although, it is quite true that we are already Having an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow to achieve it, we know that only through Analysis of the metrics, Active participation in social profiles and commitment, availability ad and quality, is that we can achieve it. To conclude, it is important to start adapting; Social integration is a reality and this only translates into more presence, more actions, more analysis, more quality and more commitment.You have to be there, with the communities, you have to focus on generating quality and unique content on a frequent basis and linking it with social platforms. You have to interact with other brands and users and you have to use efficiently, metrics including reports + 1- the information that underlies the interaction of users and tools, applications, etc. developed to make our actions more efficient.

Finally, in commitment, relevance and exposure, it is the triangle that supports the new marketing; marketing +1

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