Media Marketing Industry Report 2011;  sustained and efficient growth

Media Marketing Industry Report 2011; sustained and efficient growth

From the in-depth analysis of the data collected in the Media Marketing Industry Report 2011 data of great relevance is collected and invites us, as always, to reflection and learning. Specifically if we take into account that, while the aspects related to measuring the effectiveness of online advertising have come a long way, social networks are still in its infancy in relation to how consistency efficiency is measured, the value of time, in short, how commitment and quality are measured. Analyzing from a perspective more associated with the social economy the efficiency and importance that SMEs give to marketing in social networks, is essential to identify new formulas to implement or new edges to include in the construction of our social micro framework. According to the data collected by the MMIR 2011, data in which analyzed 3,300 SMEs with a presence on social networks, all of them found a variable in common; brand visibility had improved, which had translated into more traffic and better financial results. Bastion, banner and inescapable symbol of success is the combination of the values ​​inherent to the human being and the optimization of the current platforms that we have. 90% believe that SMM is essential for business today. Aspects related to visits, improved positioning, greater alliances, improved ROI and greater options for establishing alliances, are the primary reasons that support such a statement. Social networks are not only here to stay, but our lives have changed a long time ago, with the same dizziness, with the same dynamism and with the same nature of permanent change, since the emergence of social media, the transformation into prosumers and entrepreneurs, as well as part of some communities, is one of the common descriptions for those of us who go through this cycle.

Certainly, social networks have been incorporated into all habits and customs, the triangle formed by corporate portals, the classic and traditional blogs that we have already talked about and that mark the beginnings of the social Web.

A triangle that shapes the opinion, the different opinions, the different needs that as part of a whole are integrated into a framework increasingly linked to quality and efficiency where, the main added value that benefits, is intimately linked to commitment Today’s social networks, brands on the Internet, the network of online consumption, virtual stores, goods and / services that confirm the new production model, complemented with the construction of communities, which allows it to become a parallel ecosystem, such as the virtual social order where – by visualizing Cityville – it is only through the construction of efficient communities between them and with the environment, that the efficiency of the SMM is measured and, those who are fully committed to the network, know the importance of that today, has for brands, the presence in social media. There are many cases, but without a doubt the financial entities are, specifically in the Spanish market He, along with some brands damaged by impunity and the lack of resources that defines the Belle Epoque cycle, who have most taken advantage of the benefits of commitment, quality and perseverance, as central axes of online business. that as the participation is more and more active, the more time is spent on social networks, in short; The more committed you are to quality, the easier it is to identify the results of a marketing strategy in social media. If we combine the strengths that they have given us:

Ease of access Minimal start-up resources Multiple opportunities Efficient tools Visible results

With the current economic situation where, if not the business fabric made up of SMEs and microentrepreneurs, has been more affected by the current debt crisis? Who but society, dependent on financing, has found itself at the end of a road with entrepreneurship as the only option? it is logical that 90% of SMEs consider social networks essential for businessThe report collects data associated with the importance of not forgetting that social networks are not the only platforms that exist in the network, since the original message that sustains the efficiency of marketing focuses on the fact that it is only through commitment that an efficient marketing strategy is achieved.In conclusion, the data and figures show an increase in all the variables that make social media marketing essential, efficient and increasingly used by brands, which represents a new paradigm shift and is that immediate growth is not as important in social networks as efficient growth and this is not achieved except through an internalization of the enterprise. We return here to the aspect of improving positioning, an increasingly social positioning through which the actions carried out by Google in recent times, are focused on greater visibility and greater benefit for quality, even the button plus 1 of Google that has seen the light recently, it has been consolidated as one of the new functionalities of the search engine, in its eagerness to be more social, a decision that for some responds to the competition between both, while for others it responds to a search engine approach to the social networks, in any case, new tools, new functionalities, new applications are put in our hands in order to integrate into us and through innovation, creativity, commitment and perseverance, we manage to optimize them resulting in new and constant profitable businesses, which is how the sustained, efficient and equitable growth proposed by the new model, the Social Media Marketing model, is achieved.The commitment to quality is undeniable, there is a clear change in trends in online businesses, brands begin to give more relevance to the contents, giving them the recognition that means creating an opinion through the contribution of knowledge, which are modified icating every second thanks to the dynamism that underlies the network, the creation of quality, of new ways of analyzing situations, the opening of new points of view is nothing but the basis on which the identification of new and constant areas of knowledge rests. It is more than evident that the Media Marketing Industry Report 2011 reports a greater specificity of social media social marketing, for companies mutation of the business fabric, transition from the old economy to the new model, SMEs 2.0, always connected, always alert, always building always giving opinion.Let’s see the figures:

Sampling: 3,300 SMEs and microentrepreneurs90%: Marketing in social networks essential for business 65% improvement in branding72% improvement in traffic62% improvement in positioning60% highlights new synergies50% increases their business figures60% reduces associated expenses55% increases time connectivity

With these figures and knowing that marketing in social media is based on the quality of content, we can establish that those screwed to their chairs, once symbols of power, are wrong – they cling to obsolete paradigms and affirm that journalism is still the main source of power while, opinion is only a parasite that feeds on the news to show other ways of analyzing it. Why; This is nothing but what can be called creating?… innovating?… without a doubt, a great added value. SMEs improve the perception of social media, increase their presence and are able to measure the advantages that these actions bring them To its income statements, the potential of social networks has not yet reached its optimum point of maturity, not for nothing does Internet income hardly account for 3% of world GDP, sustained and efficient growth continued and above all, committed. get the study on