Medium updates its rules to prevent the publication of harmful content

The Medium blogging platform wants, by updating its rules, to mark a line between what is allowed to post and what is not, in order to avoid harmful situations towards other people, including the publication of vindictive porn content and information private or confidential. In this way, Medium wants there to be a balance when users express what they want while respecting others.

Among other aspects, Medium's updated rules allow the platform to reserve the rights for the suspension or blocking of those accounts and the removal of offensive content without prior notice in its sole discretion.

This is not the only company on the Internet that wants to bring order to the content that users publish in order to avoid harm to other people, since other companies such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft have also been changing their policies in recent times. in the same way.

With this, from Medium they intend that users feel at home, although with the similar limitations that other rules set in real life in order not to challenge others or impose their ideas, among other aspects, which is where they wanted draw the line of what is permissible, encouraging participation in a civilized way.