Meerkat will allow iOS users to stream from GoPro cameras

In the last hours, from the official Twitter account of Meerkat (the popular application for streaming video) they have announced more than interesting news: from now on it will be possible to stream video in Meerkat from GoPro cameras.

Undoubtedly, we are dealing with quite striking news, especially if we consider that this is the first time that Meerkat allows streaming from a gadget other than a smartphone or tablet. As echoed by CNBC, the announcement would have been made public in the first place during Vidcon, a conference for video creators held annually in Southern California. In general, the operation of this new feature promises to be very simple: simply be necessary to link the GoPro with the Meerkat app for iOS devices and start streaming video with our contacts. It is also important to note that not all cameras in the GoPro line will be compatible with Meerkat, as this feature will be reserved for holders of a GoPro 3 or GoPro 4.

At least for the moment, from Meerkat they have not announced the availability of this new feature for users of Android devices. Still, it wouldn't be surprising if he was available here at one time.

Source: Meerkat