MEGA has climbed a tree

After everything that happened with Megaupload, many imagined that this new service that Kim DotCom promised, this guy from MEGA, would not end well. Many months of marketing, many expectations, many declarations in which the safest service in the world is promised… the product arrived on January 19, 2013 and, yes, it was good, but nothing spectacular, nothing that would push companies en masse .

The time passed and arrived on August 29 of the same year, when Kim decided to leave the company to focus on his legal battles and a future service focused on online music.

Two years after leaving MEGA, Kim DotCom attacks her tooth and nail, reporting on SlashDot that MEGA is no longer a safe place to keep files, that after her actions were seized (something the New Zealand government did) made movements that protect the data stored on its servers.

Of course, MEGA denies that is true, and say the problem is that Kim DotCom will launch another online storage service in December (it cannot do it before by contract), thus competing with MEGA.

Yes, it will be the third storage service that Kim DotCom launches, after the failure of megaupload and the disappointment of MEGA … In this case it indicates that it be maintained by donations, with unlimited space and always free (MEGA payment accounts are very low, showing that the business model has to change in this regard).