Message for agencies that keep sending link exchange requests

Message for agencies that keep sending link exchange requests

We begin this analysis at the end, content is still the variable on which success in online business is based. The new social SEO derived from the latest modification of the almighty Google in its algorithm is an explicit message to all the agencies that their business model was about the underlying deception in the exchange of links.

This is a reality that we cannot abstract from, long gone are the times when the exchange of links was consolidated as the most frequent practice to improve Web positioning.

Like any practice derived from deception The importance of link exchanges began to wane and, hand in hand with a massive amount of low-quality content and no added value, the most competitive brands began to lose faith in search engine efficiency.

It is more than evident that Google could not allow its brand to be diluted and go down in the annals of history as responsible for a low quality network and less, in the midst of the maelstrom and explosion of social networks as platforms of maximum efficiency.

And while it is true that the new Google algorithm penalizes link farms, that is, those exchanges that focus solely on increasing positioning without an informative purpose and linked to the quality of customer service that today underlies the thematic blogs associated with brands, it is also a reality that Agencies continue to think that link exchanges can continue to be carried out under the current paradigms in cycles in which competition was not a concept of relevance and quality was not either.

Link exchanges today are not penalized as long as they complement the information that users are looking for, that is, if I have a virtual store where I sell hairdressing products and my friend has a baby food portal, it is not very complex to create a text in which a link is established in the key Word baby food and it will not be complex for her to establish a link to my portal with the criterion hairdressing products but what is the added value that said exchange brings to the end user based on what the Can people interested in an online store for hairdressing products find added value if a link takes them to a baby food portal?

This type of secure exchange will result in a penalty for the portals involved, which will not only reduce the positioning achieved, but will also reduce credibility, that is, the reputation associated with both brands.

Although the search engine does not have any problem with the links, they must be focused on the final objective of increasing the added value of the information.

Not, Google has never been philanthropic nor is it against brands, it was only necessary to stop the growing trend towards easy work that threatened to end the horizontal nature of the network and with it, with the associated quality, which surely would have had a short-term effect in what is now considered the productive model and most profitable businesses in history.

Google modifies its algorithm to get rid of content that, totally devoid of any value, proliferated through the network, monopolizing the first results in the search engine and preventing new brands and new innovative, committed and quality businesses from having the possibility of occupying a good place relative to positioning.

So now is the time to sit down and get to work, link farms and exchanges that aim to achieve a privileged place, are only allowed if behind a link exists:

– The added value of the information complement – A content always current and always unique and always constant

There is no other way a good Web positioning, an efficient exchange of links, a good traffic is only achieved with constant work, permanent quality and unwavering commitment no one said it was easy now is the time to get to work if you want to achieve success with an online business.