Microsoft acquires Incent Games Inc, developer of FantasySalesTeam

In order to make it easier for sales teams to improve their sales and revenue results, Microsoft has announced the acquisition of the company Incent Games Inc, developer of the FantasySalesTeam platform, which adds a layer of gamification to sales teams. from hundreds of companies, including companies like HP, Siemens, Comcast, and many others.

Microsoft highlights that FantasySalesTeam has a creative component with an approach that allows eliminating the deficiencies that many companies often suffer, in which they almost always win the same while the rest of the components of the sales teams tend to lag far behind in the results. In this sense, he points out that there was no similar product on the market, which is revolutionizing the formation of sales teams and the impressive results they obtain for their respective companies.

With this, Microsoft indicates that it is integrating FantasySalesTeam in its offer, so that in the coming months they will take it to their clients, and also, they will continue to support those clients who use FantasySalesTeam with other CRM solutions. With this, the companies that want it, will be able to continue using FantasySalesTeam with Dynamics CRM, from Microsoft, or with any other CRM that they are usually using, since they will continue to be a product independent of any existing CRM in the market.

In addition, Microsoft wants to take FantasySalesTeam to other fields and areas beyond the sales environment, for which they will be evaluating possibilities.