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Microsoft acquires skype for about $ 8 billion

UpdateMicrosoft has confirmed the purchase of Skype for $ 8.5 billion. You can see the press release, in Spanish, here, the original is on microsoft.com.

A few hours ago the rumor started on important sites such as engadget and reuters where they talk about the purchase of Skype (the well-known video conferencing service) by Microsoft for an approximate value of 8.5 billion dollars (eBay bought Skype in 2005 for 2,600 million). According to these sites, Microsoft will make the official announcement between now and tomorrow. If this is confirmed, it would be the largest purchase of a software company in history, let us remember that a few months ago oracle acquired sun microsystems for 7.4 billion dollars. Apparently Facebook and Google, the other stakeholders, lost business. You can read more about it in The Wall Street Journal. Now we just have to wait for the official announcement and cross our fingers to see Skype integrated with Xbox, also imagining that your interest to include it in Windows Phone 7 is something more than obvious. If it is confirmed … what will happen with the now practically abandoned version of Skype for Linux ?, and with the versions for Android and iPhone? … many will be the questions that will appear during the next few weeks.