Microsoft announces improvements and new features for Outlook on the web

In order to be more efficient in managing email messages and calendar appointments, Microsoft is going to carry out a series of improvements and launching new features in the Outlook web version of Office 365, which Starting today, users who have an Office 365 plan with Exchange Online included and covered by the First Release program will be able to enjoy it, while the rest of the users will be able to enjoy them from the first week of next September.

In general, there will be an improved, simplified user interface, offering the different elements in a clearer and cleaner way. In addition, a new action bar is included for the different sections of Outlook from which quick access to the most common commands will be offered. Now the subject lines will be displayed larger in the email and larger buttons will be offered in the calendar.

Continuing with the e-mail tray, it now allows the posting of messages to have them prominently at the top of the message list in order to have those most important messages at hand.

Incorporating actions to manage messages from specific senders, the ability to archive messages to a specific folder with one click, incorporating a button to undo unintended actions with one click, improving the single line view or layout Other immersive panel enhancements are other enhancements available, plus it's now possible to create elegant email messages by adapting included images, adding borders, shadow effects, adding emojis, and much more. .

When searching for recipients for messages, the possible list of recipients is now smart and will show an automatic relationship as they are written.

With regard to the calendar, the weather forecast is now included to quickly know the forecast for each day, allowing access to the detailed forecast for any specific day.

Icons are also added as visual signals that allow quick identification of the events that are created. In addition, it is now possible to create reminders by email and have holiday and birthday calendars, which can be viewed separately or overlaid on other calendars, to the liking of the users themselves.

Microsoft has not forgotten about mobile device users, and has also made modifications and improvements, both in the user interface and in the navigation elements.

In addition to everything announced, Microsoft will provide better ways to facilitate communication with the Outlook team on the web directly from the service itself. If there are any pending questions to clarify, from Microsoft they have added a small FAQ to the announcement of the news and improvements.