Microsoft announces major changes to Windows Store

There is no doubt that we are going to enter a key week in the world of technology, whose date July 29 is strongly marked on the Microsoft calendar, since this will be the day when the launch of Windows 10 will begin. , both in the Home and Professional versions, a rather ambitious bet for those of Redmond after the launch of the two previous versions, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, did not have the expected response from the public.

In this sense, to adapt to the new circumstances, Microsoft has exploded the most relevant changes that will lead to the new Windows Store. In their announcement they indicate that the new Windows Store has been developed from scratch, whose experience will evolve over time, in which to count since its launch with a new algorithm for searches and listings. They will also make modifications to the list of applications and improvements in reviews and comments, which will lead to a series of changes both for users and for developers themselves, who will have an important task of changing descriptions such as other aspects.

The new Windows Store will change a wide variety of content types: applications, games, music, video and television, and later, thanks to its scalability, other new types of content will be included, according to Microsoft.

In this way, the new Windows Store will allow Windows 10 users, both on desktops and mobile devices, to purchase applications and other types of content, both free and paid, catching up with other online stores. rival service applications.