Microsoft announces the ability to record TV from Xbox One consoles

Considered as one of the most demanded requests by Xbox console users, starting next year, Microsoft will bring the service of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to Xbox One console users, as announced by the company on Tuesday as part of the GamesCon 2015 gaming conference.

It will be a service that will be offered free of charge (only in some countries) and that will enable users from the recording of those programs and series that are currently being offered on open digital TV channels, to the possibility of enjoy them on any device even without an internet connection.

The capacity to host the recordings depends on the capacity of the external hard drive that connects to the console via USB. According to the announcement, recording on the external hard drive will have no impact on the activities that users are performing on the console itself.

In this sense, users will be able to enjoy the recordings made both through the console itself and through other devices to which the available content is transmitted, either through computers and devices under Windows 10 (through the Xbox app) as well as through Android and iOS devices (with the Xbox SmartGlass app). There is also the possibility of downloading the recordings to computers, phones and tablets under Windows 10 to enjoy them when you are on the go or in other situations, without the need for a connection.

The new service will also allow the programming of recordings of favorite shows and series through the OneGuide function, both through the Xbox One console itself and through the Xbox applications for Windows 10 computers and devices and Xbox SmartGlass to Android and iOS devices. This opens the possibility for users to schedule the recording of their favorite content wherever they are, even in the middle of the street, where they can also review the recordings they have made, edit them and add new ones.

From Microsoft they point out that later they will offer more information. The only requirement to enjoy the new service in the markets in which it is launched will be to have the necessary hardware, such as the Hauppauge digital TV tuner launched in the United States and Canada or the digital TV tuner launched in 16 European countries and Australia .