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Microsoft begins to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment

Apparently, as we can see on the web page that shows the information on Microsoft’s payment and billing methods, the computer giant will have unexpectedly started accepting the popular virtual currency Bitcoin as a mode of payment, allowing users to use Bitcoins when acquiring digital content for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox platforms.

Thanks to that, Anyone who wants to acquire any type of digital content marketed by Microsoft can now use Bitcoins as a payment method.. To do so, first we must select the amount (in dollars) that we want to transfer to our account (in amounts ranging from 10 to 100 dollars) and choose Bitcoin as a form of payment. In this way, we will have added a certain amount of dollars to our account using Bitcoins. Despite this, for the moment This form of payment is limited to residents of the United States. and only available to purchase digital content, as indicated by Microsoft.

Although Microsoft has not yet issued any type of official statement, in the payments and billing section of its website we can already find all the details related to the use of Bitcoins when paying.

Link: Microsoft – Payment & billing