Microsoft brings live captions and translations to Skype and PowerPoint

Today December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Skype wanted to join this day announcing the launch of the live subtitle function at your service, allowing you to offer a more inclusive experience for all those in your community who may have different hearing disabilities.

This new function can be used both in individual calls and in group calls, whether audio or video, offering the real time subtitling of content as conversations progress. This feature can be enabled by default or used for specific calls.

From Skype they point out that for the moment the subtitling will move automatically, although Later, new visualization possibilities will be offered., including the ability to scroll through subtitles through a side window.

In addition to the subtitles, Skype add in the next weeks the translations function, admitting more than 20 languages ​​and dialects. This other new inclusive function will allow you to follow conversations spoken in different languages, among other possibilities.

But the potential of Artificial Intelligence underlying these new functions will also reach PowerPoint.

In this regard, subtitles and translations will arrive in real time to PowerPoint at the beginning of next year, at the end of January to be more exact, initially reaching Office 365 subscribers using PowerPoint for Windows 10, PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint online.

Input support 12 spoken languages ​​and will be able to offer translations in more than 60 different languages. These subtitles and translations will also have the possibility of being visually adapted to be consistent with the content offered on the screen.

The best thing is that speech recognition technology adapts to the context of the content to enable better precision in recognizing names and terminologies.