Microsoft introduces messaging application to send texts to Outlook contacts

Currently available only for iPhone in the United States and Canada, Microsoft has just introduced an application called SEND, with the aim of offering instant messaging to Office 365 users for business and academic accounts.

The idea is that we can send short messages, as if it were a WhatsApp or Telegram, to any contact we have in Outlook, without the need to know their phone number. They want it to be used within companies as a tool for messages between coworkers, without subjects, without introductions … an integrated Outllok chat used from the mobile.

They present it on the office blog as a free resource for their clients, and promise to expand boundaries and options in the coming months.

As discussed in the article, it is something that many outlook users have long asked for: a way of communicating that does not depend on email, thus leaving email for important issues and SEND for the daily communication of the type we are going to take a coffee ?.

Conversations can be started from an email, and the content of that email (not all) will be displayed, although it is always possible to start a conversation from scratch.

You can get it (if you live in Canada or the United States) in iTunes, and see some of its features in Microsoft Garage.