Microsoft Kodu - To create games without programming knowledge

Microsoft Kodu – To create games without programming knowledge

Many users have thought that game creation has always been done by expert programmers and designers and you are really right, but I have to tell you that this may be changing. Just over a year ago, Microsoft released a technology called KoduWe can simply say that it is a platform in which anyone, whether or not they have knowledge of programming and design, can create and manage their own game, that is, with limited resources, but that it is finally a full-fledged game. This technology is quite simple to use, we have to insert objects, enemies, obstacles, trees, animals, among other objects to shape our world, we can also configure the controls and settings of the stage (there are several available). If we want to start using the application, we must bear in mind that we need two previously installed programs before running the Kodu installer, these are Microsoft Net Framework Y XNA Framework Redistributable. Once we have everything configured and installed, we can follow the steps in these two tutorials [ Tutorial parte 1 | Parte 2 (En ingls) | Microsoft Kodu videotutorial ] to start creating our game. Once you finish the creation, you can leave us in the comments your experience to help other users. Download | XNA FrameWork Redistributable [Microsoft Download Center] Download | Microsoft .NET Framework +3.5 [Microsoft Download Center] Link | Microsoft Official Site Kodu