Microsoft launches new applications and updates others for Android Wear and Apple Watch

Microsoft wants its productivity tools to also be present on wearable devices with the aim of reinventing productivity on all possible platforms, considering wearable devices as emerging devices that promise to always be with users, providing them with simple notifications and smart functions. according to the context of each user, both for their personal and professional lives.

In this sense, today it has launched new applications for Android Wear and Apple Watch watches as well as the update of other existing applications for these devices. The new apps are Outlook for Apple Watch, Yammer for Apple Watch, and Microsoft Translator for both systems, while the updated apps are Wunderlist for Apple Watch, Yammer for Apple Watch, OneOne for Android Wear, and OneDrive for Android Wear.

Regarding Outlook for Apple Watch, he points out that it is an extension of the Outlook that we know, allowing the navigation and reading of email messages from the wrist, being able to perform a series of quick functions, among other aspects. Yammer for Apple Watch indicates that making it possible to stay on top of the most important conversations and activities in Yammer. And with Microsoft Translator, which reaches both Android Wear and Apple Watch, you can get translations in up to 50 languages, being able to access the history of the most recently used phrases, among other capabilities.

And as far as Wunderlist updates for Apple Watch are concerned, as well as OneNote for Android Wear and OneDrive for Android Wear, they have improvements that range from the redesign of Wunderlist to make it easier for users to use. new clock faces and support for notifications in OneDrive for Android Wear, among others.

Microsoft does not want to lose the wearable devices segment, betting on them as it has demonstrated in the round of launches and application improvements carried out today, with the majority of applications already available, with the Yammer update for iOS only pending.