Microsoft launches Share Your Idea, to vote the best idea to develop for HoloLens

Microsoft wants to increase the possibilities that can be carried out through its augmented reality platform, HoloLens, so it has decided to open a community website so that developers can contribute their ideas about those things they want to see on this platform.

The collaborative website is called Share Your Idea, where from now until January 11 they can contribute their ideas so that they can be voted on by the rest of the community. Microsoft points out in its announcement that ultimately, it will keep three of the most popular ideas contributed to submit them again to the votes of the community and thus select that idea that it will finally carry out.

Aim that once you get the selected idea, a whole previous process will be carried out in which they will show all the steps they take to finish releasing the source code to the community so that it begins to develop it.

Microsoft adds that the best ideas must take into account the central feature of the HoloLens platform, holograms, defining them as objects as any other object in the real world in which they differ from other objects in that these are made with physical matter while that holograms are based on light and sound.

In addition to this initiative, since January, Microsoft has partnered with various companies and institutions to brainstorm what its platform can offer.