Microsoft makes Hyperlapse mobile app compatible with older Lumia devices

From the Lumia Conversations blog, Microsoft has pointed out that those users who have Lumia phones that have come as standard under Windows Phone version 8, will be able to install the Hyperlapse mobile application on them thanks to its new update, with which they can generate interesting videos of those trips, routes and other initiatives that they carry out, thus joining those users of Lumia devices that could already make use of this application by having Windows Phone 8.1 as standard since it was launched last month of May.

It should be noted that the Microsoft Hyperlapse mobile application allows you to generate videos for different frequencies of time in first person completely stabilized and smooth.

If it were not enough, Microsoft adds that the update of the Hyperlapse mobile application has also extended the limits of the recordings, also having improvements in its own algorithm so that the application now allows to be used more easily. In this way, users will be able to generate longer video clips about those initiatives they carry out, such as those mentioned above, among others.

Finally, since the aforementioned publication Microsoft remembers that there is a Pro version for desktops as well as for Microsoft's Azure media services.

Add that the Hyperlapse mobile app available for Android devices has also been recently updated, specifically available for those phones under version 4.4 onwards through Google Play Store.